Shatta wale explain his experience in Ga!l🔥🔥🔥25yrs l!fe sentencing.

Ghana musician Sh@tt@ w@le explain what brought his hitz song Gail man.

I was Gail because of false prophecies said “sh@tta@” . this prophet prophecies me about death .He told me I will not be part of the living

On the 2nd day of July 2020 this propert told shatta He should make prepared , he is coming to die on September end 2021.

Shatta Wale bet with him that it is false , shatta wale promise him that he will destroy him and the family including his Temple (church).

The security ag3ncy find out that sh@tt@ wale make some plantation with some of his guys and some business company.

The arrangements was to organise a huge show for shatta to perform and through that he will get the chance to pretend to faint and not exist .

For the sake of that the prophet will claim on the prophecy that he made and through that shatta will appear us results of fakes prophecy .They will took that privilege to destroy the prophet .

After all this shatta did so and organized his boys to destroy the prophet, some people gave a hint to the police .


He was arrested after he condemned the temple of the prophet.

Shatta wale now accused to take the life of the prophet. He was arrested to Ahankafo maximum prison .

According to the security shatta should be in Gail t for 25 yrs life sentencing or find for $29000.


This information is informing by non working staff of this page. Not too sure still searching for the exact results.thank you.

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