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If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again. This doesn’t apply to failing relationships, so stop trying and trying again when you already know it’s not going to work out.

I’m completely guilty of double, triple, quadruple thinking my decisions especially when it comes to relationships. After ending something I often wonder if I cut it off too abruptly, if I’m lonely now because I was meant to be with them, if maybe we could work if I just gave it a third chance.

And in my experience, the relationship had died, is still dead, and does not need to be revived.

Nostalgia brings up so many emotions, especially when you’re feeling lonely. It might seem like a good idea to send a text to your ex and see if you can still get that attention you need. But in most cases, it’s not a good idea.

Remember all  the reasons you broke up in the first place? The distance. The fighting. The cheating. The lying. The mistrust. Whatever it may have been – none of that has changed. All of the words exchanged can’t be forgotten and all of the pain that you went through will come back again when trying to rekindle an old flame.

Maybe you can give them a second chance, if all of the circumstances seem to be different this time. But a third chance is pushing it. A fourth chance is overdoing it. A fifth chance is just nonsense.

It’s not going to work, it’s never going to work. Stop trying to dredge up the past just to make yourself feel better. In the end, it will probably only make you feel worse.

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