The film of you life

The film of your life

As a film rolls of it’s reel so your own life unfolds scene by scene.from the cradle to the grave,you life runs it’s course.Have you ever thought about the spand of human life in regard to eternity? Although our life is made up of thousands details it represents only a tiny fraction of eternal life.

Too young…

The baby is to young to think about where he came from and where he is going to. At his age life is pure innocence,ply and fun. No worries border him. To him life is like a beautiful sunny spring day that make things grow and bloom. Everything has a touch of mystery and the charm of novelty about it.

Too carefree…

The boy in elementary school can hardly be expected to know where life comes from and where it leads. He is full of energy and wants to run and play,do sports and a lot of run.

Too sure…

The young man is too sure of himself and his be bordered with thought about eternity. His dream is to have a motorbike or a car with a powerful engine.Nothing can happy to him .He Masters life easily and no obstacles can stop him. Why should he think of eternity at all?

Too happy…

A young married couple is much too happy to think of God and eternity. Many people passed on good wishes to them for happiness and prosperity, and now they are working towards that goal. In full sail,they have set course on the ocean of life. They think it will be early enough to consider eternity once they are older.

Too busy …

Man’s professional activities take Soo much of his time that he has no time left to think about God .He has Soo many obligations and Is kept busy all the time. In order to achieve success,he cannot afford to stand still or to postpone anything. As I’m , too busy with my internet

Too many problems…

There too many problems that worries him now. Life didn’t turn out to be everything it had promised to be.

Many things ended up quite differently. If only he could start all over again,he would certainly tackle things in different way . He does not find the peace and leisure to concentrate on anything other than his problems. In his desire to be left alone, he will not face the important questions regarding his soul and his salvation.

Too old…

Suddenly he is too old to think clearly about deeper spiritual things. Mind and body alike have lost their agility,have become dull and tired. Yet the d man feels he really ought to do something about his eternal salvation…

Too late …

… but the great deceiver of mankind comes along and whispers into his ear ,”God is too good to condemn you after all your hard work. Anyway,you are too old now to begin a New life. It’s too late. You should have started when you were young. All you can do now is hope for the best and chance it ..,…”

You who have read this you must face this question ,”where are you going to spend you’re eternity?”.The Lord Jesus Christ want you to think seriously about it. You won’t have any excuse if you miss eternal life now . In the book of Ecclesiastes you can read this,”remember now your Creator ,in the days of your youth, before the evil days come or the years draw near when you say,”I do not enjoy them any more”(12.1)

To lost your fortune is bad . To lose your health is worse. But to lose your soul is a loos you can never make up for . An old proverb says, “Money lost, nothing lost. Time lost, much lost .soul lost, everything lost.” Why don’t get prepared right now to meet God ? Jesus Christ makes this possible. Whithou Him, there is neither salvation not grace,but only condemnation.

Yet the Lord does not want any one to be lost .He wants each one to of us to be concerned and receive eternal life.

Thank you for your time, any one who read my article shall be blessed.

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