Mysterious life

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Mysterious life

Hello fellow sqolaman! It’s time for another Hearthstone post! I hope you guys are ready for some awesome cards. Now, let’s have ourselves a friendly “Brawl”!

Mysterious Egg by Murghlinwall Type: Hunter Neutral Minion Appearance: A medium-sized turquoise egg with a large shiny crack going down its body. Mana Cost: 2 Attack: 0 Health: 2 Effect: Deathrattle: Hatch into a 3/3 copy of a random Beast in your deck.

This is a great card that can be used in a variety of Hunter Decks. The beast searching effect is quite strong, and you can possibly get a Legendary minion out for no cost at all. This can not only help you control the board early, but can also give you advantage in terms of set up. The effect is completely fair, as well, and this card could definitely see it being played in today’s meta.

Realm of the Stonemother by Myth Master Type: Shaman Epic Spell Tribe: Nature Appearance: A mountain crumbling with bright blue spires. Mana Cost: 5 Effect: Deal 5 damage to all enemies. Overload: (3).

This is an immensely potent spell for the Shaman class. The amount of board clear potential it has is truly incredible, but it’s also quite balanced. You get to deal 5 damage to everything your opponent controls, but you have 3 less mana the next turn. The heavy cost balances out everything, and this could be exceptional in an Overload Shaman deck. All in all, an absolutely amazing card.

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